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Hotspur's short VIDEOS

Swimming with Sharks & Stingrays in Moorea, French Polynesia (by Carolyne)
Click on the above video to see Jim, Meri & Carolyne feeding large sting rays on a sandbar in Moorea, French Polynesia as sharks circle.

Crossing the Pacific Ocean to the Marquesas (by Jim)
Click above video to see snippets of our 23 day crossing from Mexico to the Marquesas.

2009: Encounter with a Gray Whale (by Grandpa)
Click above video to see Tim and Carolyne get up close and personal with a gray whale in Magdalena Bay, Mexico. The quality of this video is not great and it takes a while to get going... but be patient. It's worth the wait!

2016: Saving KARMA
Click the above video to see how Hotspur and other cruisers assisted in saving a grounded sailboat in Savusavu, Fiji.

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