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Hotspur's Favorite Cruising Recipes

I don't care what anybody else says...
cooking aboard a sailboat galley is VERY different than cooking in my kitchen back home. First, there is the sloppy, jarring that a moving sailboat negotiates under sail and even sometimes at anchor. Next, You only have so much room in that smallish fridge. Then, depending on where you are, maybe ingredients are few and far between from what you are accustomed to using. Most notable for me because we are in Mexico... the heat that the stove and oven produce in the cabin can be overwhelming.

I have collected some recipes that I absolutely love and use time and time again. I like them because they save me time in the galley, are conservative with propane, and don't heat up the boat. But best of all, they taste delicious!

Hotspur's Curry Deviled Eggs

Stuffed Bass
Hotspur's 20 Minute Skillet Lasagna

Pressure Cooker
Roast Chicken

Mandarin Salad
Black Bean Salad
Holy Guaca-Moley!

Cream Puffs
Black Forest Cake
Carrot Cake
Apple Crisp
Depression Cake

Things You May Have to Make Yourself
Ricotta Cheese
Thai Green Curry Paste