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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Week in El Salvador and Deviled Eggs


Anyone who has spent any time in Mexico and especially over Easter knows that it is saner to stay inside than to venture outdoors in the crowds. Loud music, parties until daybreak, whole families and crazy drunk party animals play for 10 days preceding Easter Sunday.

s/v Jace at the re-naming ceremony, now called s/v Knee Deep
It is the same in El Salvador. The beaches are littered with people, the streets are lined with stacking traffic and the bays and estuaries are teeming with jet skiers and motorboats – driving fast and furious – every day a little closer to your sailboat anchored out. It is rumored that yesterday speeding tickets were generously handed out to obnoxious jet ski drivers too close to the marina. $200 a pop – ouch!

The hotel is full and the swimming pools and restaurants are busy. We heard the wait to catch a bus to Zacatecalouca was 3 hours long yesterday. The weather gets a little hotter everyday and the humidity gets a little higher bit by bit.

El Salvador Cruiser Rally Deviled Egg Day
Jim and I decided early last week that we weren’t going anywhere until Easter Sunday had passed us by. As much as we are itching to travel inland and take some Spanish immersion classes, hike volcanoes, enjoy cooler weather in mountain towns… we made the choice to hunker down, low-key, hang out and do a few boat projects until the madness is over. Stainless needs cleaning/polishing, oven needs scrubbing, bug screens need washing and repairs made, shade cloth needed design tweaking, etc...

Fran's curry mint eggs

Blythe Spirit's tequila jalepeno eggs
As Easter is upon us today, we expect to make plans early this upcoming week to put Hotspur on a mooring and head towards Guatemala via bus. This means major work to be done to prepare the boat for rain and humidity. We do not want to come back to a boat disguised as a petri dish, green and moldy.

SunDancer gets cutest ever eggs!

Wasabi eggs by Taleria

Heather and her cuteness
So, we had a deviled egg competition on Easter Sunday. Afterwards, we ate the contestants. Some of the entries were really good! But Jim said mine were the best! Truly, there were some very good ones!


12 large boiled eggs, peeled and cut lengthwise
¼ cup mayonnaise, not Miracle Whip
½  teaspoon curry powder (add more later if not strong enough)
½ teaspoon prepared horseradish
1 Tablespoon caper juice from caper jar
3 Tablespoons capers
Smoked paprika or cayenne pepper

Gently scoop yolks from eggs into bowl. Add mayo, curry powder, horseradish and caper juice. Use immersion blender and blend until smooth. If mixture is too dry, add more mayo and/or caper juice until creamy. Add more curry if you think more is needed, ¼ teaspoon at a time.

Replace heaping spoonful of egg mixture into whites until all the egg mixture is gone. Gently press 3 or 4 capers onto the tops of each egg. Sprinkle tops with smoked paprika or cayenne pepper. 


  1. Goodness, who knew there could be so many variations on the deviled egg?? We're going to certainly have to try out the 'Blythe Spirit's Tequila Jalepeno Eggs' (in addition to your recipe, of course)!

    Katie and Mark

  2. Thanks, Katie and Mark. Blythe Spirit's recipe is as follows: Tequila Deviled Eggs (and they taste SO good!!)
    minced white onion, chopped pickled jalepenos and a splash of tequila - and mayo, of course. The top of each egg was adorned with thin slices of tomato, avocado and pickled jalepeno AND drizzled with a little salsa verde. The eggs were set atop shredded cabbage for aesthetics. And of course the salted shot glass filled with tequila was the centerpiece!

    1. Oh....that just sounds heavenly. I might just try those out tonight! Thanks so much for the recipe.

  3. Hey Meri,
    Can we get more pictures of Heather in that dress. 8^)