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Monday, April 23, 2012

Hotspur's Been Hit!

We have left the boat for exactly a week yesterday on a mooring in Bahia del Sol, El Salvador so that we could travel inland and see some of Guatemala. Since we have been away, two nasty storms have knocked boats off their moorings.

The first happened last Tuesday - we received an email saying that Hotspur had broken off and dragged into the estuary. I about had a coronary when I got the email! 15 minutes later, we received another email saying it was a mistake. It was not Hotspur, it was our friends on Taking Flight, who are also traveling in Guatemala right now. Good news is that she landed in the muck and not the rocks, so no damage. With the help of lovely cruisers, Taking Flight was pulled off at high tide and re-moored.

But, my coronary returned yesterday morning when I received these photos of Hotspur and news that after another bad storm, several boats broke free - and although Hotspur hung on tightly to her mooring, she was hit by another boat that did not!
Cap rail ripped off and fiberglass gash. Stainless Rub rail missing.
More "owies" in the port hull

Bent stainless stanchions

And if you think this looks bad, one J-Boat, Tolerance, drug anchor and hit some concrete pylons. The boat is a loss. Many other boats sustained damage and as of today we don't know who or how much. Luckily for Hotspur, the damage looks cosmetic. But now one of us needs to go back and get repairs started before hurricane season is upon us. Who knows how long it will take - many boats need repairs made.

The crew on Hotspur left Panajachel and arrived in Antigua last Wednesday. We rented a guesthouse for a month. We start Spanish classes this morning and have paid for 2 weeks of lessons for the everyone. Since I am the strongest Spanish speaker in the family, looks like I'll be catching a bus back to El Salvador and leaving Jim and the kids to finish their lessons. That's what we're thinking today, anyway.


  1. Oh Meri! I am so sorry. What a major bummer. How high were the winds? Was it failures of the marina's moorings or the cruiser's lines who parted? That must have been one heck of a storm!

  2. Laura...
    I know that this was a 30 minute gale. Some cruisers reported 40+ knots while others clocked much more - like 70. Who really knows? Remind you of a weather bomb in La Cruz?? I think some of the moorings dragged and others had shackles that broke. I really don't know since I'm not there. We've had several people give us bits and pieces, but the priority yesterday was helping the guy who's boat was totaled.

  3. Looks ugly but not terrible. Ev's happy to give thoughts on how to properly repair and what to be on the lookout for inside the hull and at the base of the stantions. It does look like you'll want to do it properly--but it doesn't look urgent.
    If the other boat has insurance you might just start there--your Spanish class might be salvaged. You'd have so much fun...

    1. Yes, I would appreciate any repair advice. I think it can be repaired there in Bahia del Sol by Santos Marine. I am scheduled to return to Bahia tomorrow - Jim & kids will stay in Spanish school. With hurricane season creeping near, we feel we should get repairs underway as soon as possible. I'll write in a few days. Thanks!

  4. I read about this on another blog this morning n dont think I breathed the whole time. Very glad the damages are better than they could of been!

  5. Is now a bad time to mention my Christmus gift?

  6. Meri, Jim, and Tim, sorry to hear about the damage to Hotspur. Glad you are OK and that it looks repairable.

  7. Oh man! We're so sorry to hear about the damage to Hotspur too - although it obviously could have been so much worse. So scary to have received those updates via email and be inland away from your vessel. Was this a Chubasco-type weather event? We hope the repairs go smoothly!

    Katie and Mark

  8. Wow, those pictures are amazing. How are you doing? How are the repairs coming along? We are glad the crew is OK and that Hotspur can be repaired.

    We know you have your hands full. Just the same we are standing by waiting for your update.

    Sending you good vibes & and good thoughts.

    Lynn & Rick
    s/v LA VITA

  9. My poor sissalina! Perhaps the wind gods are telling you to come see your sissy while repairs are being done. I'm just glad my babies weren't on board. Pinch some cheeks for me. Love Love Love ~ E