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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shake Rattle And Roll

Still no camera for pics...
one of these days I'm going to solve that dilemma.

we've been livin' it up in the cheapest marina in La Paz, Marina Don Jose.
$400 a month, all inclusive.
That does not mean the jacuzzi and swimming pool are included because there isn't any jacuzzi or swimming pool. It just means we don't have to pay extra for water or trash or electricity. And that is a super-duper deal considering we are running the A/C!

Would we recommend staying here during a hurricane?
In fact, should a hurricane rear its ugly cyclops this direction, we plan to hightail it to Marina Costa Baja or to Singlar. If Marina Palmira has space that will also be a consideration. As for Hurricane Miriam, she is slow moving and doesn't show any indication she will hit La Paz. And as of 5 hours ago it is reported that she is weakening from a speed of 105 to 80.

But if a hurricane threat isn't bad enough, how about an earthquake??

Yes, La Paz experienced an earthquake - the latest report being 6.2 in magnitude. Schools have canceled classes so that the Civil Protection Service can check the structural integrity of the buildings.
Is this the Faulkner Family's first earthquake?
We apparently experienced one once in 2009 while underway to some little island in the Sea of Cortez.
Didn't feel a thing.
Then once while visiting California we found out that we had experienced "tremors".
Didn't notice.

This earthquake, however, we felt on the boat right in the water.  The entire hull shimmied and shook like something had a hold of it. I honestly - honestly - thought we had a very large mammal scratching its back on our boat bottom.

No damage reported. Very exciting time. Of course the VHF radio went crazy - everyone reporting and contradicting and questioning. Nothing like being sandwiched between two natural (potential) disasters and the cacophony of excited cruisers jamming frequencies as they talk over each other on the radio.

No tidal waves. No tsunamis. No... wait...
Tsunami was last year.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that this is as bad as it gets.