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Friday, April 29, 2016

Deliveries to Savusavu Needed - Calling All Sailboats

(I'm getting super frustrated because photos won't load. When the internet adjusts its attitude, I'll attach some good pics.)

This post is to anyone who is coming to Savusavu, Fiji...
knows of anyone coming to Savusavu, Fiji...
or has a friend of a friend of a friend who is coming to Savusavu, Fiji.

To date, eighteen of the twenty-three boats have been re-floated by cruiser volunteers. It's remarkable. Some of those volunteers lost precious gear they donated to the cause. Ropes, dinghies, chain, and other heavy items were destroyed in the effort. Some boaters who have been re-floated have numerous repairs and need parts.

IF you are headed to Savusavu (or anywhere in Fiji) OR you know someone coming this direction from New Zealand or American Samoa or Australia, please contact me via this blog or email me at We're looking for boats to bring replacement gear.

You can read about Tropical Cyclone Winston in Cruising World mag (May 2016 issue) and you can read about the recovery efforts in the June issue of Boating New Zealand mag.