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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Latitude 38

Full sun coverage in Cabo
Interesting article in Latitude 38 about cruising budgets was written this month. Hotspur is mentioned. To see it, go here and we're on page 36.

And, we're mentioned again on pages 113 -115. My photo on page 115 (in the red floppy hat and red shirt) is a perfect example of cruisers coming together - in cruiser co-op fashion - to help each other out. Thanks Alan and Barb on Native Son! Also, my serious commitment to extreme sun coverage while spending a summer in the Sea of Cortez. Too bad I left my signature red, floppy hat on a bus in Mazatlan.
Hauled out in La Paz
It looks like we're the wealthy cruisers in the article - we average less than $2,000 per month for two adults, one teen and one tween, a dog and a cat. Many folks are cruising on less than we are. I will make this statement: cruising costs can be cut substantially... and I do mean substantially... by staying out of marinas.

2009: we averaged $1,450 per month and hardly ever stayed in marinas
2010: averaged less than $2,000 per month to live in Mexico (but this doesn't include a buy/sell boat swap, serious boat repairs for 5 months, and major boat equipment purchases... because that is not a 'cruising' expense - that is a 'what it costs to buy a boat and get it ready for cruising' expense.)
2011: we have averaged so far $2,400 a month. This year we have stayed primarily in marinas, Jim has had surgery, we have made upgrades to the boat, and we've taken a couple of inland trips this year (it's about time!). We are also working on our websites to help generate more income... thus, the marina with internet and things for the kids to do while we're working.

We have our three year cruising expenses itemized here:

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