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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Home Alone

hot spots
Yes, it's true. Jim and the kids left me in Mexico to visit Dad in Arizona. Someone has to look after the dog and the cat. The dog has broken out in 'hot spots', an ugly and painful bacterial skin infection caused by the moisture in the air. Did I mention we're in the tropics where the humidity is as heavy as a blanket??? Therefore, Bailey is carried up and down the companionway twice a day for potty breaks. I better see some toning in my arms for all the trouble. She is on antibiotics to kill the bacteria and spends most of her day making grunting piggy noises while she sleeps soundly on the cushions in the air conditioning. Life is hard.

The family took a bus (the TUFESA Mexican bus line) all the way from Mazatlan to Phoenix. The cost was about $108US per person one way. Jim found a cheap car in AZ and is driving it back. We figure we'll have several trips back and forth to the states for parts. Our radios need to be replaced, the compass is broken, etc... It's always something.

And the exciting news for Tim is that he passed his driving exam and now has a temporary license. Congratulations!

My time has been quiet. Nice and quiet. Except for the piggy grunt noises coming from the dog.

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