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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another Great Feature of Cruising

Cindy, Justine, Brianna and Bob
It absolutely amazes me. We have met several people who know other cruising friends of ours that cruised together years ago.

In our most recent case, Bob and Cindy O'Brien, along with their daughter Brianna and friend Justine, flew down to Mazatlan from Canada to sail their trimaran Sequill to the Baja side. The kids hit if off immediately and I rarely saw hide nor hair of my children for a couple weeks: either they were hanging out all day in the Cold Room here at Marina Mazatlan, they were visiting friends at El Cid, or they were taking up the main salon aboard Hotspur and Jim and I had to go elsewhere.

In the case of the O'Briens, they were here 14-15 years ago and cruised with cruising friends of ours (who were also here then, too): Diane and Evan (currently on Ceilydh) and Stuart Littlejohn (who aligned our engine in La Cruz) and Deanna Littlejohn (who we met when their daughter Coral had her Quinceañera this spring).

We went to dinner with the O'Briens one evening while the kids stayed aboard Hotspur and made pizzas. I showed them all where the fire extinguishers were located. Smart. I didn't show them where all the cleaning supplies were. Dumb. Just kidding... they were wonderful. Can't wait to see the O'Briens again.

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  1. Oh goodness! That girl was a baby the last time we saw her! Cindy and Bob haven't changed at all though. Thanks for posting th picture.