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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What To Do?

Jim and I discussed what we should do when we discovered that Hotspur had been struck by another boat when she was secured to her mooring. We were in Antigua, and had just rented an apartment for a month and had just paid for weeks of Spanish classes for all 4 of us. Since I am the strongest Spanish speaker, it was decided that I would go back to El Salvador and get an idea of the damage Hotspur suffered. But, I had been sick for 5 days with an intestinal bacterial infection and was on antibiotics. Well, at least I felt much better.

A shuttle picked me up in Antigua at 3:45am last week. By the time we reached Guatemala City and discovered that the bus to San Salvador had already left, I began really needing a hot cup of coffee. Around 7:30am, a man walked in the door holding a cup of frothy, steaming something that strongly resembled a mocha latte! It could be, I told myself. After all, we are in the big city! I asked him what it was and how much. I swear he said that it was a Leche Cafe. He stepped out the door for a few minutes and I waited. He didn't come back. Curious, I stood up and walked to the door and peered around the corner. To my astonished surprise, the man was kneeling down on the ground milking a goat.

Yes, my Leche Cafe was really Leche de Cabra. He brought me my steaming cup of freshly squeezed goat's milk and everyone in the waiting room looked at me expectantly. Things ran through my head - what would this do to my guts? I was getting ready to go on a long bus ride. The goat steam curled up in front of my eyes and I just couldn't bring myself to shamefully refuse my order. I held my breath and took a long gulp of the warm milk. Once my gag reflex relaxed, I realized I quite liked the flavor. I drank the entire contents. Licked the frothy mustache off my upper lip. Who cares if it's not the most sanitary. I figure I'm already on antibiotics. I have a photo, but who knows where it is?

I arrived in San Salvador just in time to be picked up  by a group of friends who were on their way back to Bahia del Sol. Is that lucky or what?

Poor Hotspur. She has a large gash in the port hull that punched through to the deckside. She has at least 19 gouges, a 13' area of ripped toe rail, bent stanchions and scratches out the wazoo. Friends of ours got together and taped up the lesions so water couldn't enter. We are so grateful to all our cruising friends.

With hurricane season coming upon us very shortly, we are feeling the pinch - and panic. What are we going to do??


  1. I sure hope you guys are able to effect repairs quickly and that you have all the resources at hand you need. Best wishes, Michael

  2. So sorry to hear about this. I hope you are able to get it done quickly and with little difficulty.

    S/V Kintala