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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What Happened?

Any boating accident, just like any car accident, usually isn't intentional. And, when there is loss of life or injury it is a tragedy. Luckily, there was no one killed or injured. But, talk about putting a damper on things.
This is what happened:
  • Hotspur was unmanned – we were out of the country.
  • Hotspur was secured to a mooring ball at Santos Marina in El Salvador.
  • A gale blew and Hotspur held fast to her mooring.
  • The boat in front us broke off its mooring- the mooring chain (belonging to the mooring field) failed.
  • The boat’s owners were on board the underway vessel, but had dis-connected their starter battery and couldn't start the engine.
  • Their boat struck Hotspur.
  • According to the underway vessel, they eventually got their engine started but couldn't power off Hotspur because the boats were entangled.
  • Help arrived and finally separated the two boats.
  • Hotspur now has a hole in her port hull that penetrated through to the deckside.
  • Hotspur has numerous other damages, including 13’ ripped teak toerail, bent and broken stanchions and front pulpit, and gouges and scratches in the fiberglass and gel coat.

Light shining through gash on Hotspur's port side

Hole on Hotspur's deck side and partial shot of broken teak toerail

Some of the gouges in Hotspur's hull

1 comment:

  1. Oh Meri!
    It looks so much worse than any damage I saw from the Weather Bomb in La Cruz - sure there were stanchions/lifelines missings and toe rails gone, but not holes all the way through! Yikes. One of the first times you leave her - what horrible timing.