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Monday, March 10, 2014

Scrutiny and Mutiny... and a touch of Tequila!

On the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta - Cheeky Monkey - $1 beer and margaritas...
service was excellent... food was marginal
Have I told you that Jim and I are both the first born children in our families?
Driven – Responsible – Head Strong – Energetic... these are traits we both possess.
Oh yeah, and Bossy.
And yet – there can be only one captain.
So, how do we determine where to go and how we will get there?

It was after dinner. 
Jim was sipping his margarita. 
We were bobbing happily at anchor in Banderas Bay. 
Then, Jim dropped the bomb.

“I'm just not motivated to go south,” he told Carolyne and me.
“Let's get a truck and drive inland... for three or so months. We can put the boat on the hard.”
Jim continued on - that he feels he has seen so much of the coastal region of Mexico and Central America already, having spent 6 years sailing Mexico, crossing the Tehuantepec into Guatemala and El Salvador... having visited Panama extensively a decade ago...
his heart just isn't into it, he explained.
Carolyne and I paused. While touring via wheels sounded intriguing, neither one of us jumped for joy.

Old Town Puerto Vallarta
This wasn't completely surprising – I had been watching my husband the last few weeks and knew something was going on. He hadn't been throwing himself into boat projects like usual. He was quieter. He wasn't pouring himself into the charts and maps of Nicaragua or Costa Rica. 

“We just got the boat out of La Paz!” I whined... and vocally exerted with forceful timber. “I want to sail!”
“Me, too! And I don't want to go south either. I want to go to the Marquesas!”, Carolyne chimed. This isn't the first time she has mentioned not wanting to sail south but west. She has talked about the South Pacific for a year... mainly, I think, because it is closer to Japan, a language she has been studying in boat-school.
“And we just got the boat looking great and I just built a new mizzen sail for her and she is ready to go somewhere... and Carolyne's right! If you don't want to sail south then I think we should head west.”
“Really?” Jim said.
Very sweetly Carolyne offered, “Here Daddy – let me pour you some more tequila.”

And so that is really and truly how Hotspur decided to go to the South Pacific.

We make time for our new friends from Colorado, sv Zoe B

All of us went into visit the dermatologist, Dr. Alma Vargas. Hannah off sv Lelo came, too.

Our target date was the 20th.
Of this month.
But the weather isn't cooperating so far. So we plan to wait for the trade winds to begin before we set off.

We pulled into the marina yesterday...
dizzy with excitement and buzzing with energy!
We have several things we absolutely must do before we go.


  1. And now I know where I'm getting my skin checked. Does she make you get naked? Because I don't mind. Really.

  2. I had to keep my underwear on. She insisted.

    - Evan s/v Ceilydh

  3. And here I thought it was our decision to cross to the Marquesas that would generate some curious responses!! Silly me!

  4. Your decision to leave Mexico and me makes me sad. Happy for you sad for me. Have fun. And you are silly. ;)