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Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Taste of Hidden Paradise

Carolyne very excited about her meal...
or doing her best to ruin the photo
My stomach rumbles thinking of The Taste of Hidden Paradise Restaurant. We discovered Savusavu's little gem of a diner while eating lunch in Labasa at the Banana Leaf. We mentioned to the owner that we were on a sailboat in Savusavu and he said,”If you are from Savusavu, then you must visit my sister's restaurant there. It is very good.” Maybe he is a little biased, but we agreed to give it a try.

It's located a short walk from either The Copra Shed or Waitui marinas.
We've eaten there 5 times - and we would have visited more had we known it existed. The Thai Chicken is a beautiful curry dish - creamy and mild spicy with plenty of broth to spoon over your bowl of rice. Chicken Black Bean tastes savory with its coating of rich black bean sauce and faint trace of fresh ginger. The lamb curry is one of my favorite dishes- served with rice, dahl, roti, a veggie side dish of the day and tasty homemade chutney. Fish in coconut milk, spicy prawns, lamb chops...the menu is broad. Jim and Carolyne agree. This is our favorite restaurant.

Just a few items on the menu.
There's no liquor license – but don't fear! It's okay to brownbag. Bring your bottle of wine or cold beer with you.
Owners Arunesh and Reshma Saigal
Because every plate is made to order, it can take a while to prepare. Impatience will spoil your experience – and trust me... it is worth waiting for! If you want something to tide you over, then order some of their pre-cooked foods from the case in the front.

Arunesh and Reshma are the owners. Lovely people - eager to please and proud of their family business.

The price is very agreeable. A plate costs on the average $8-$12 Fijian. That is roughly $4-$6 US.

Excellent food. We don't leave feeling hungry. It feels good knowing we're supporting a nice, nice family. We can eat there more frequently because the prices are so reasonable = less time in the galley cooking. Need I say more?

More photos from Savusavu

Organic farms are popping up all over the island as more
farmers are learning about the hazards of pesticides.

I see a lot of men carrying their babies here. So much so, it stands out.

Tai works at the Planter's Club. He's carrying
home a bag full of fresh cut curry leaf.

The crafts made with pandanus (similar to raffia) are my favorites. I bought that
cute tapa doll she's holding. Shh... don't tell the captain.

Basket weaving in the market

I love the hibiscus.
It's a cloudy, sprinkly day and walking the bridge over the
 hot springs looks and feels like a sauna.

Savusavu: low tide at a lookout point with
spectacular views - despite the gloomy weather.

Off to gather firewood

Savusavu Junior Sailing Club - it is so much fun to hear the shrieks and
giggles from these little guys as they zoom around the anchorage.

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