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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Breakdown of May Cruising Expenses for Three Years

$49 in US postage stamps, a standing oscillating fan to cool us off, a part we purchased from Cruise R/O to repair the alternator, a $20 late fee because I forgot to pay the credit card bill on time (grumble-grumble), a trip to the Aquarium, a movie night with snacks for the kids, and all of Jim’s medicine + Dr.’s office visits (the surgery expense was put on a credit card and will be shown next month when it is paid)...

The month of May was a good month... better than I thought. 
We still have the marina charges from La Cruz that haven’t shown up on the credit card statement yet. Next month will be agonizing with Jim’s surgery/hospital bill and the La Cruz marina charges.

We have been eating out quite a bit, but I’ll tell you a little secret. 
We rarely take the kids with us anymore. 
Taco stands or hotdogs, sure. But, dining out with our two kids at a sit down restaurant costs us around $35US each time... even in Mexico. Hey - prices are going up here, too. 
And our kids are perfectly happy to fix crap food for themselves and eat: hotdogs, macaroni & cheese, burritos, pasta... and then watch a movie on the laptop while we’re on a date. 
Sometimes, I think it's date night with Jim that keeps me from losing my ever-lovin’-mind.


2009 20102011

Groceries    556       665294
Boat Hardware     392913
Transportation          55149
Dining Out/Tips     131 109311
Internet/Skype       68
Tourism                 11927
Laundry     2034
Mail                     10050
Extra Tips                12
Marina/Mooring    530
Computer Hosting         60
Booze                   123103
Medical                        20256
Boat Repair            4,963165
Gifts               40         1192
Dinghy Dock                  
Boat Fuel      41           32
Propane            4       613
Boat Equipment        20822
Fabric/Crafts             2111
MISC                  118968

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