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Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Letter to a Former Cruiser

Yes, the duct tape is charmingly atrocious, but Jimmy Crack Corn!
I sent an email off this morning to a friend back home who was a live-aboard years ago. I know that she (and any other past or present cruiser) will understand the pure joy and rapture that I experienced on the first night of summer. Being in Mexico in an area where you can't jump into the water takes the meaning of 'humidity' to a whole different level. And it's not even that hot yet! Here is my note:

Hi Debbie!

Guess what Jim just installed???
An air conditioner!!!!!!

Being as how we are on the dock and will be here probably for the entire summer...
and being as how I refused to get off the boat much because I was a human sweatball...
and being as how I believe hot flashes have begun to visit me periodically...
Jim wised up and spent the $160 (would have been more like $75 in the US, but oh well!) and brought home a window unit.

My new UGLY best friend! I'm lovingly installing weatherstripping
around its hot spots this afternoon!
As you would know, the unit didn't fit in the hatch we wanted it to. So, we moved it to the forward cabin where the kids sleep and ran dryer hoses to vent the air into the main salon and where Jim and I sleep. It looks archaic and ridiculous, but I don't care! And the fact that I can't latch my closet back anymore because there are these monstrous hoses blocking the latch doesn't bother me a bit. And I don't mind that Jim's and my privacy has been interrupted because we can't close our berth off from innocent young eyes as I lie in front of the fan in my most natural state soaking up the fresh, vented, icy breath that roars through those monstrous hoses. And if I can't hear anyone talking to me because the background noise is so loud, who am I to get upset? Less negotiating!

I'm actually on my way to take a shower... I actually CARE now that I don't have to use my clothing to sop up the sweat that poured off my body. I've also started getting up early and walking again while listening to my Spanish lessons on my MP3 player. I might even use the oven... yes, the OVEN... and bake my man a cherry pie!

knew you would understand!

Missing you!


  1. Hi there! Too funny....oh the things that we think we'd NEVER do. We're in Santa Rosalia and also pulled out our 2009 San Carlos/Guaymas a/c unit Zada's had in her aft cabin mixed with stuffies for 2 years's hot and humid and so it feels good "cheating" some - but as Ethan says - "you go with what you have" and lucky for us we have this little unit. Downside....power outage last night, so I was lying there for over 2 hours thinking "how will we manage tomorrow if this a/c unit is broken?". Anyhow, saw Rich last night on his trip south and have JAM here as well, so lots of good, hot times. Miss you all so much..xoxoxo -N

  2. Hey, Meri. Here's a question for many amps does the window unit draw? Could a Honda 2000 generator power the thing, do you think? Mike

    PS: I have joined the blogger crowd, and started one called First, the exit plan. Sailblogs/sv Gypsy the first to follow!

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