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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Roadkill Flat but Tasty Chicken

I can say it. I was pissed. The Chicken Man ran out of chicken last weekend.

I'll start from the beginning.

I have cut out breads and pastas and sugar from my diet in an attempt to feel less lethargic. I used to have so much energy. Where did it all go? I had my thyroid tested last month - it's fine. I suspect that the intense heat of August in Mazatlan has something to do with it, but this has actually been going on since January. I just don't feel tip top. So, off I go to yoga 6 days a weeks and a huge adjustment in my diet is just what I need to feel perky and bouncy, I think.

And I actually do feel a little better - until I cook dinner for the family. Cooking for my family is usually enjoyable - until I can't eat it. But mind of matter - I have the weekend to look forward to.

Every Saturday and Sunday are the days that we can buy the roadkill flat but tasty chicken. The Chicken Man sets up his chicken stand early in the morning. His customers line up around noon. He will sell every single one of his broke-back grilled chickens. And tomorrow, the same. Do you know how I know?? That's right - there were only a few skinny wings left when I arrived last weekend. There was a table full of customers licking their greasy fingers and sucking meatless bones - showing off, no doubt. It was all I could do not to weep in public. I stormed back to the car and resisted the urge to blame my husband.

So, watching the clock closely this Saturday Jim and I sped to the little sidewalk grill where I was finally able to buy my grilled chicken. I don't know what it is about this style of Mexican chicken that has my taste buds wrapped around it's little wishbone, but it is darn good! Juicy, smoky, not too greasy - served with a side of rice, chopped lettuce and homemade corn tortillas - it is divine.

Jim and I first discovered the Mexican roadkill flat and tasty chicken in 2006 when we did a road trip down this side of Mexico. Anytime we saw prostrate poultry out-stretched on indirect heat sources, we'd skid to the side of the road and make a run for it before the other tourists got wind of the savory flavors.

We loved this chicken so much that we made it at home when we returned. Now that our grill on the boat is out of commission, I am happy to go to visit the Chicken Man every Saturday and Sunday. They've gone up to 75 pesos an order, but a whole uncooked chicken in the grocery costs 80 pesos or so. And, I don't have to cook.

Here's a link to a recipe for roadkill flat but tasty chicken.

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