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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Final Photos of Isabela

Looking up at male Frigate Bird who is enticing nearby female with his red inflated gular sac. Ohh la la!

I neglected to give proper kudos. Sweet Carolyne took about half of the photos in the last post and half of the photos in this post. I think she did a great job capturing the charming qualities of the birds being disturbed by us. 

Carolyne inspecting nesting Blue Footed Boobie hen and chick

Mr. Boobie stands guard
And though you can get very, very close to the nests, the parents really don’t like it. But since there is no natural predator to gobble the goslings, the adults are just practicing their instinctive need to protect their young. You can literally walk in between the Boobie nests on the ground and the birds complain about it only a little bit. At no time did we ever feel threatened by the adults. The Frigate bird nests are so low in the branches that you could reach inside them if you were a hideous bad person… or very, very hungry.
Silly girl!

Mr. Boob charges, but only makes noises

Hungry fallen Frigate chick cries for food. If this little one can get into an open area, the parent can land and will many times continue feeding the baby until it can forage for itself.
Oh – in case you’re wondering why there are no photos of Tim who was also along…
he was wearing his glasses and was having a bad hair day. When we did try to capture his bed head on camera, he disappeared behind the bushes and trees, cursing us loudly without swear words.

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