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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Zihua - last photos

I must say we LOVED Zihuatanejo - just adored it!

The archaeological museum was interesting. I am just very unhappy I didn't get pictures of the circumcised phallic symbols - circumcised! With what??  Jagged onyx blades??? But to think - circumcision in the olden days before stainless steel surgical cutting knife or scalpel - YIKES! But proof is found here in the artifacts that the deed was performed long ago - without sharp and sterile instruments.

The people of Zihua are beautiful. Deep coffee colored pigments. Indian derivation. Shy. I noticed the politeness of the culture when I entered a transportation van in the town and all the locals greeted one another with a "Buenes Tardes" (good afternoon)...; even the young children.

The colors, the scent, the flavors, the music...
definitely a favorite - Zihuatanejo.

Got to experience this fabulous time with really good friends, too.

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