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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oaxaca - The End (Part III)

I love this photo Jim took of a man reading a Mexican newspaper and drinking a coke.

Dancing boy with red balloon
I didn't get any woven rugs like I wanted. The store I stopped in was way too expensive. I found out later that we should have taken a tour to Mitla and seen the weavers. One cruiser I heard bought a beautiful Tree of Life tapestry for a mere 200 pesos! However, you just can't do it all. You  just can't.
Woman in Oaxacan dress

Two university students pose for Jim

Meri posing with fired pottery collection by Alejandro Santiago.
TITLE: The Route of 2501 Migrants
These really cool pottery people stood outside and around the Santa Domingo cathedral;
A ceramic crowd

Man in wrestling mask leans on cool car and ogles the walking ladies

I also didn't get to take a cooking class. Bummer, since Oaxaca is known for it's exquisite food. But, I got to try different mole sauces and chocolates. I also was introduced to the 'chupilines'... crunchy grasshoppers. They are sold on the streets and in the markets. Carolyne and I were very brave. The boys were babies. We didn't get to try the chocolate covered ones, but that is probably best - I really don't want to develop an addiction to these.
Street vendor offers up her crunchy, munchy insects

A pile of chili and garlic flavored grasshoppers

I look like I might puke after trying one, but I didn't.
Tourist from Monterrey tried his first
I could go one and on... post more photos of interesting art, people pics, musicians, ladies with baskets on their heads, beautiful architecture -
but really, you should go see it for yourself! And as I remove one item from my bucket list I have also added another...
A return trip with a girlfriend to take a cooking class and buy a hand dyed/woven rug!

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