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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pimping Stainless & Insurance

Since I have bad-mouthed some nitwits here in La Cruz I feel the least I can do is mention some really great professionals that we have had the sincere pleasure of working with.

Pedro (Peter) Vargas in La Cruz for stainless work. Awesome! Ask for him at Marina La Cruz. His workshop is within walking distance. Can't say enough good things about him!! His product was very good and service on a timely basis.

Falvey Insurance:
Bob Falvey was really wonderful to work with. Great communication and overall super underwriter. I believe they used Mariners Insurance for our claim. Give Bob Falvey a call for a quote. Excellent service!

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  1. Jim and Meri, Hola. You'll be happy to know that the extensive stainless work that Peter did for us (he used Chava?) on Del Viento is still bright nine months later. It is good quality stainless and even the welds still look great. Please do tell him we sail hello if you see him before you leave for La Paz. Best wishes, Michael