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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Last 15 Days

It’s hard to sum up the fast paced life we’ve lived the last 15 days, but here it goes…

We leave La Cruz-
only to turn around again.
Must fix exhaust and sea water leaking in bilge-
It’s a boat.
Find other serious problems-
We ignore them because they won’t kill us just yet-
It’s a boat.

Leave La Cruz once more-
Motor (no wind) to Los Muertos-
Almost catch something BIG and fast on the line (tuna?)-
Lose it.
It’s called fishing.
Something is wrong with our fuel consumption-
It’s a boat.

Play with our friends on Third Day one last time in Mexico-
So good to see these people!
We hug.
Wave goodbye and try not to cry as they head north to California-
Very sad.
Very sad indeed.

Anchor in La Paz-
Enjoy cool breezes on warm afternoons.
Celebrate Just A Minute selling fast!
And play with our JAM friends-
So good to see these people!
Until it time for them to leave for Washington-
We hug.
Very sad indeed again.

Pull into cheap marina to finish boat repairs.
So hot in marina; so very hot-
We buy air conditioner.
Cooking is a joy again.
Baking cherry pie!

Fly Aero Calafia to Guaymas solo to retrieve our car –
Airplane is 10 passenger-
$150US one-way.
Old woman next to me clutches her red rosary white knuckled and never smiles.

White girls traveling alone in Mexico?
Not scary at all.
Except when man with sour beer breath and teeth like silver dimes stuck loosely in his uppers won’t leave me alone on bus ride.
But I’ve watched local people handle these circumstances and so I handle it the same.
Pretend he is invisible.
Shortly, he quits talking to me-
He backs away-
Disappears like a vapor.
My fake cell phone conversation with fake boyfriend, Blaine, might have helped.

Marina Seca Guaymas boat yard is where car has been stored.
Car has dead battery when I arrive.
Felipe, boat yard worker guy and my hero, charges battery for 15 minutes but no life left.
Buy new battery and drive to Baja Ferry-
$300US to ferry from Guaymas to Santa Rosalia with vehicle-
Maybe I got screwed?
Ferry man will accept cash only.
I have no choice.
Pay the ferry man what he wants.
Reminds me a little of Charon and the River Styx.

Make it safely across - must have paid enough.
Visit friends in Santa Rosalia-
We hug and play Scrabble.
So good to see these people!
David David treats me to breakfast.
Guillermo invites me to lunch.
Buy 2 new rear tires there.
Car is costing a lot.

Drive to beautiful Burro Cove and wave at anchored friends off beach.
Friends dinghy over.
We hug.
So good to see these people!
Spend night on Topaz with Dodie and Brian.
Visit Geary – Sonrisa Net guru.
Geary plays Amazing Grace on the bagpipes in the morning-
A beautiful and moving wake up call.
Dodie makes a queen-sized breakfast.

Stop in Loreto because windshield is getting too dusty to see out of.
A man brings a bucket with water and fills my empty windshield wiper tank.
People are nice.
A 4 hour drive and I’m back in La Paz with my family.
We hug – and kiss.
So good to see these people!

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