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Friday, January 24, 2014

Countdown from the Dock and La Paz... 6

A beautiful bay scene
If we weren't so darn busy, I would have had so much fun doing a 10 day countdown from the dock... it would definitely have been entertaining. But who has time to be cute when there are seriously important things to be done... like replacing all six house batteries? Or getting all the sheets and blankets washed and dried? And while we still have the truck we are shuttling back and forth like mad... diesel run after diesel run.
A view from the bridge
And dumping - we are dumping loads of items off the boat as quick as we can. Things we really don't need - we're down to the nitty gritty and still... there is too much. How in the world did we accumulate so much stuff?

It took 2 months to get our immigration cards - the holidays slowed things down to a crawl. On Monday, we had them in our hot little hands so began the mad rush to tie up loose ends. Now we are hyperventilating!
Beautiful Baja
The last days here in La Paz will be a blur..
But what lies ahead has us buzzing internally with delight.
Tide out at sunrise

For now, boat projects are in hyper mode.
Heron today - gone tomorrow
And the photos Jim took that I posted have nothing to do with the madness - just a reminder of the serene and tranquil that we will be leaving behind in a few days.

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