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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Toau, Tuamotus, French Polynesia -Day 41-45

Rain, rain and more rain.

Since I'm bored to death with the weather, I thought it might be interesting to show what our expenses so far. Keep in mind that from April 4th we were making our 23 day passage, during which time we obviously couldn't spend a penny. We arrived in the Marquesas on April 27th.

We visited 4 of the 6 islands. Our favorite was Hiva Oa. We all would have loved to have seen Fatu Hiva – we hear it is gorgeous and some cruisers say it was their favorite place. Other cruisers reported that the locals there are obnoxious with their begging, demanding in particular, alcohol. One cruising friend said she declined a trade of fruit for booze only to return to her kayak and find it full of fruit anyway, same local standing there with hand open. The other island we missed was Ua Huka, a botanical garden dream-come-true.

We researched whether we would be able to afford cruising in French Polynesia, the reputation being that it is too expensive. Our friends who have passed through here previously said, "Yes. It is terribly expensive. But there isn't much to spend your money on." And this is very true!

Island- Hiva Oa:
$123 Tour of island
$78 Traditional Marquesan meal
$10 Park fee
$17 Gaugain museum
$128 Food & Sundries
$160 Fuel (I think the fuel amount is right... I will have to double check once we have internet again and I can review a previous blog post)
TOTAL: $516

Island- Tahuata:

Island- Ua Pou:
$92 Tour of island
$30 Groceries
$12 Fruit
$12 Souvenir
TOTAL: $146

Island- Nuku Hiva:
$91 Fuel
$180 Groceries
$65 Internet (it is possible to receive internet at the boat – cost is $5 per hour and you must have high gain antennae – Jim used this exclusively for work. Cheapest and best internet we found was at Taiohae, Nuku Hiva at the little internet cafe run by Henri and located just at the dinghy dock. Order a drink at $2.30 or any of his meals and you can have very good internet all day.)
$57 Butane (this was cost for filling (2) 10 lb. bottles – Yikes!)
$31 Clothing/Souvenir (I bought a Gauguin inspired wrap-around for my selfish self!)
TOTAL: $424
Three people cruising French Polynesia
April 04 – June 10, 2014:

And as I write this, a helicopter has appeared, dipping down disturbingly amongst the boats that are anchored here. They seem to be looking for something – or someone. Why else would they come all the way out here? Now he has landed on the beach. What do they want?

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