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Monday, June 2, 2014

Enroute from the Marquesas to the Tuamotus

Day 33-35

We have left the Marquesas en route to the Tuamotus – a 4 night passage because we are going to Toau, an easy entrance at Anse Amyot. Since our radar and depth sounder are no longer functioning, we feel this is a safe place to enter and exit. We won't arrive in daylight, so we will heave-to and wait until the morning before we attempt the entrance. And we so hope there is space available.

This has been a very trying passage for us. The weather has been rough and we're anxious about our electronics not working. We have a back-up for the chart plotter and we have paper charts, too. But losing the radar and the depth sounder has made for added tension and worry. Plus we are so disappointed we will not get to see some of the areas we had hoped to see.

Other problems that we have encountered this passage:
Cleat for roller furling line broke
Jim's outhaul repair on boom un-repaired itself
Pulley located on boom busted
Large fender disappeared
Carolyne's lines securing her surfboard chafed through and it blew over
Lee cloth on top bunk broke free and stowed items tumbled – thank goodness no more eggs!

As I write this (June 1, 2014 ), we have completed 3 of the four nights – sustaining 20+ - 32 knot winds with intermittent gnarly squalls. We've had no breakers, but plenty of charging white horses stampeding against the hull and waves splashing the decks on occasion. (Jim put on his foul weather gear to go forward and re-secure the anchor and came back soaked!) It has been very uncomfortable and everyone is ready to be at anchor. We are trying really hard not to be cranky. We have only had one really nice day – calm enough for fishing. Speaking of fishing:

Dear Fish Fairy,

Thank you for the 3 Skipjack tunas you have benevolently bestowed upon us in the past 2 months. However, we don't want any more of them. The last one we caught this passage we almost threw back because we were hoping for some variation. But we kept it – thinking we should be grateful. Much to my horrid disgust, it had worms in its innards. I thought I might puke! There is nothing more damaging to one's appetite. Since I am the one to clean the fish and cook the fish, I would appreciate you taking my request seriously. I realize that aquatic parasites can't live in mammal hosts and that is a very interesting scientific fact. But, from a culinary standpoint I would argue that meal "presentation" begins in the mind of the presenter – and I don't like what I have seen. Please spare me. Please!

Sincerely, Meri

PS. I might consider a yellow fin, dorado or wahoo (less than 50 lbs., please, because we aren't greedy!) an acceptable apology... parasite-free, of course.

And God bless Dinty Moore beef stew, Hormel chile and Van Camp's pork and beans!

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  1. need hot dogs to go with the chili and pork and beans. they never spoile you know. btw, isnt there a fish parasite induced diease. citugara, not sure of spelling?