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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bora Boring? Hardly! Day 82 - 90

Baby Rocket and James & Jess - sv Adamastor

Carden, Carolyne and Morley
We hadn't expected much from Bora Bora. It was simply the destination in which to check out of French Polynesia. We had been told it was just another tourist trappy and expensive location - boring. So far, we have been enjoying it tremendously! And what a beautiful way to wrap up the last moments of French Polynesia!!
Chris - awesome crewman aboard Adamastor

Amber - sv Rockstar
Jeff - sv Rockstar

Jammin' at all ages aboard Hotspur

Werner-sv Thalisse
Cruiser potlucks and game nights are plentiful. The Maikai marina offers free swimming pool privileges, free outdoor showers, free internet, free trash drop-off and free dinghy dock to cruisers. Hotspur has hosted a number of potlucks aboard and we have had memorable times aboard other boats.

Beautiful island girl!

Street side stalls with lovely local fruit and veg

A beautiful local women making jewelry with black pearls

Locals playing really good music beside the shore
We absolutely love it here!


Hiking with friends
Military bunker
Remnants of WWII

Amber taking in the spectacular view

and James, too

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  1. earlyer you were checking out on 24th. where to next or now as you posted.?
    lovely pics. maybe i can fly to bora bora. seems onlest way for me to get there.