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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Finally - Some Photos

 Internet in Papeete is rather expensive and inconvenient so far. But I waste no time... here are some of our pics along the way in the Tuamotus. Thank you to Courage and Shannon on sv Lil' Explorers who contributed to some of the fantastic photos!!

Recreation in paradise for Captain Crankypants

Many buildings extend into the water at the atolls. These are on Toau.

Little girl on Apataki atoll

That brown patch is an unmarked reef - yes, we are sailing by it!

Cassidy and Carolyne with our larger stinkin' skipjack tuna.
We bled this one out really well and he tasted yummy!

Helicopter landed on beach with law enforcement on Toau

Finally - the psychedelic drogue is finished!!

Cassidy and Carolyne crewing aboard sv Lil' Explorers.
Hotspur is the triangle in the foreground.
First view of Toau atoll
Crystal clear water in Toau made for fantastic snorkeling

Jim - laid back

Having to be very careful NOT to hit these!
Carolyne and Cassidy exploring paradise

Lion fish trying to hide under coral

Carolyne and the Lil' Explorers

Giant Clam
Carolyne with our stinkin' skipjack tuna.

Hotspur at anchor among the coral heads in the Apataki atoll

The haul out facility in Apataki

Company coming to visit

Carolyne aboard Lil' Explorers helping to watch for things that might go BOOM! in the water

Common small boat stowage on the atolls

Jim and his coconut conquest


  1. Beautiful pics, were the up-in-the-air pics taken from a kite or a drone?

    1. Michael... Courage on sv Lil' Explorers climbed up his mast and took those photos... cool, huh?