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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Heavenly Beach (Nuietoputapu, Tonga)

It took us almost an hour, but the walk through the trees on the little dirt path was well worth it. On the other side, a white sandy beach stretched for miles... not a single footprint in sight.

A huge reef appeared as the tide went out. And as we combed the wet imprint that the high tide left in the sand, we found lovely shells!
Several large cowries, shiny and empty!
We discovered small abalones and perfectly in tact sea biscuits and bright cones. The hermit crabs can spot a good shell when they see it and so we returned quite a few good ones if occupied. But there were sufficient vacant "keepers" and we spent several relaxing hours beach combing.

It has been a long time since we have enjoyed walking barefoot in fine sand since many of the beaches we frequented in the past year have been coral or rock. It was a real treat to look down the coastline and realize we had it all to ourselves!

And then it happened-
We discovered huge blue lobster carcasses...HUGE... and plural!
And the first thing that came to mind?
One we found was enormous. We all but had our tongues hanging out at the sight of the dead crustacean and I'm sure you could hear our three brains go "clickity, click, click, click..."
That knowledge...
that at night the reef is crawling with monster yumminess...
let's just say that we are more than a little motivated to do some fishing in the dark!

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