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Sunday, July 26, 2015

More photos

Since we didn't have internet in Nuiatoputapu, Tonga it was impossible to load photos. Here are a few more...

Our very tasty Giant Trevally catch. 

Hotspur all alone in paradise - and loving it!

Our friends, Sia and Nico and their children come for a visit.

Pandanus drying on the line and Hotspur on the horizon.

Carolyne and the 2 Sias

The beach was incredible...
fine white sand stretches for miles just beyond this tree.
Pandanus handmade flower - a parting gift from our new friends.

These thatched homes were all over the island before the tsunami in 2009.
They have mostly been replaced with kit homes.

The church bell at the Methodist church rings daily... at 5:30am.

We were invited to share a meal with Nico and Sia at their home.
Yam, tapioca root, breadfruit, hot papaya, taro... 

Watching a Disney movie on Hotpsur was supposed to be for the children...

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