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Monday, February 29, 2016

The Ghost Ship and the Lucky Dutch

This post is for a couple cruising friends that asked to see photos of their boat.

The first boat is sv Heritage. We call her the ghost ship. When winds kicked up last New Year's Eve, she dragged her mooring through a crowded anchorage. She ended up at the other end of the creek nestled nicely in a new location.
Sv Heritage parked perfectly in the mangroves

When Tropical Cyclone Winston hit Savusavu a little over a week ago, Heritage found a nice cushy spot in the mangroves. It's like her ghost captain purposely drove it to safety and parked it in the mangroves.

For our friend Humberto... nothing big to report on your boat during the New Year's Eve unexpected blow, and minimal findings after Winston tore up the anchorage. The fire hose chafe gear rubbed through... definitely a wonderful use for used fire hose! And on your port side, we detected some chafe on your mooring lines.

Either way you look at it, The Ghost Ship and the Lucky Dutch both came out alright. 
Doing a happy dance for them... doing a happy dance for them...

1 comment:

  1. Good morning family ,Sorry for the delay,and thanks for the update and the pictures.Have read on the curly in savusavu blog that all of the cruiser fleet has an enourmous amount of work to do.Good to know Hotspur came out with little damage,only the solar panels I remember.
    Today I found out that my friend Milly from Rainbow shadow allso had her yacht smashed on the shore. I have been trying to get in touch with her,but was ´t able to do so untill now. Send her please my regards and if she needs a place to sleep with her little son Lorenzo,she is wellcome to stay on el holandes errante ( in the official paperwork the boat is registrated under the name of ALOA 34 ) THANKS FOR THE PAPERWORK YOU DID FOR THE CUSTOMS AS WELL . regards and will keep following the savusavu news humberto mobil phone in the Netherlands 0031617033091 you tube humberto el holandes errante de calafell