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Friday, March 18, 2011

Puerto Vallarta Zoo

Tim didn't want to go, so I skipped off to the zoo with Carolyne, Maia and their new friend Katie. We packed lunches and it took three buses to get there, but the experience was awesome. I can't give the environmental conditions of the animals 5 stars, but the face-to-face contact with some of the critters was worth every penny we spent. In the video above, Carolyne and Maia pet a baby jaguar. If you listen closely you can hear the cry of a 4 month old tiger next door. I pan the camera to the left and you catch the paws of the tiger as he tried to climb over the fence! He wants to play, too!

The cost of the zoo was about $13US per child - for some reason they didn't charge me an entrance fee. Then $4.25US will get you a bag of carrots, peanuts, bread, some kind of animal food pellet and corn to feed the animals. For an additional $8US each, you can pet the baby tigers or jaguars for 5 minutes. Don't think for a minute that we let this opportunity slip by us!

Most of the animal habitats are old fashioned. They remind me of the Dallas Zoo back in the 70's. Large cement holding cells with chain linked fence separating the yawning faces of bored jungle creatures from the human oglers. Most of the big cats, canine breeds, monkeys and baboons are all contained like this. Some of the luckier ones, like the flamingos and goats, get free range of large areas.

The giraffe very interested in what is in Maia's goody bag!
If you ask Carolyne, she will tell you this was her favorite part.
The zoo isn't very big and I wouldn't go there again, but it was worth the experience at least once. The giraffe was the cutest ever - hungry and allowing petting only if a food offering is made first. The hippo was a baby, only 1 year old.

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  1. Oy!! That's a big jaguar 'cub' my child is cuddling. I visualized something, umm, safer...