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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Surfer Dudes and Dudettes in Sayulita, Mexico

These "Hodads" are getting ready to be Surfer Dads - Fernando shows them how.
 We're from Colorado; we don't surf the waves. Sayulita, Mexico has choice waves and choicer surfer dude teachers. Jim and the kids along with the crew from Ceilydh and some odl cruiser friends of theirs took off to the popular surfing town in Sayulita via bus.

How did that get in there?
Hot-dogging Maia

Tim's Wipeout caught by Ceilydh's camera!

Kahuna Jim
 Buses are cheap, cheap, cheap and surfing lessons aren't pricey either - especially when you compare them to some US west coast pricing. 3oo pesos gets you lessons and rental of a surf board and rash guards for 3 or so hours. Jim, Tim and Carolyne took lessons. I'm a chicken and have no desire to go out there in my red lycra Tellytubbie looking jellysuit, so I may never learn to ride a wave. That's okay - I like my neck unbroken.
Bro and Sis last ones standing!
Coral and Tim

Carolyne Shredding!
Fernando, the surfer dude instructor, was awesome. He had the little girls up on their boards in no time! Tim took to it like a pro and now has a new sport hobby. Jim did fairly well and wants to go again. Looks like our cruising kitty may be reduced more after we purchase a surf board of our own.

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