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Monday, May 5, 2014

Atuona, Hiva Oa Day 4 & 5

Atuona, Hiva Oa
Day 4 & 5

Unfortunately, we had to spend some days working on the boat. The jib was stuck again. This time – not our fault. The roller furling car at the top jammed. This took some ingenuity and patience – and meant Jim had to be hoisted up the mast and remain there for over an hour. But together we managed to work it out. I washed laundry in a bucket with a plunger. Carolyne and I tidied the boat, which was still messy from the crossing.

We also retrieved the spinnaker halyard that had chafed through and slipped down the mast and Jim (hoisted up, of course) managed to snake it back down by borrowing a bicycle chain from another cruiser. But not before he pulled copious bits and pieces of a swimming noodle (you know – a water weenie) out of the mast. Some previous owner apparently went mad after hearing the cables and wires and ropes banging around and shoved the weenie inside the mast to quieten things. The spongy mass had swollen and it was impossible now to run anything through.

Boats coming in and out of the anchorage have been entertaining. Hotspur had a moment of tension: Carolyne and I were in our dinghy helping a new arrival with their stern anchor when a long keeled racing boat ran over Hotspur's stern line – actually moving Hotspur and re-anchoring her transom. Jim was aboard another boat helping a single-hander re-anchor; that captain consequently lost his anchor overboard when he forgot to secure the bitter end. All of this was happening at the same time, of course.

We invited friends on sv Adamaster over hoping to have a baguette feast – but the town was closed May 1st for Mayfest holiday. We scurried about and found other things aboard to share. James and Jess crossed a week prior to us from La Cruz with their 9 month old baby girl, Rocket, and a crew member they took on. They are a precious family and will forever be remembered by us – especially for donating our first pamplemousse we ever tasted. Jim is hooked on pamplelmousse for life!

We still have not procured internet – we need to do that. When that day comes, I will post an array of photos. We are really enjoying this island – the colorful goulash of European, American and Canadian boats in the anchorage, the lovely temperatures – especially cool at night – and even waking up to the cacophonous crows of the roosters in stereo. Lovely! The water here is murky and clouded and we are looking forward to moving to an anchorage where we can swim.

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  1. They say that sailing is all about fixing boats in exotic locations and you can only agree. This morning I was putting new ball bearings in our genoa furling gear. But when all said and done we have one of the most wonderful ways of life there is.
    Fair winds