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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hanamoenoa, Tahuata m - Day 14 & 15

More snorkeling, boat bottom cleaning to scrape off barnacles and small mussels (although it's not too terrible), and a bonfire on the beach with sv Lil' Explorers pretty much sums it up. Carolyne came back to the boat with a dozen or so limes and a pamplemousse she scored today.

Finally got the daughter out of bed and into the water to visit the manta rays in the early morning – unfortunately it was cloudy. We waited a bit until the sun popped out and headed over. We saw 2 sharks that swam beneath us – little black tipped reef varieties about 4' long. Also saw a huge octopus that was brown and stopped when he saw us and began changing colors of the coral reef he was backing up against. He began mimicking the green and white rimmed texture that was on the coral and he glowed– it was SO cool! Bizarre! But no manta rays. Lots and lots of fish just like the kind of 'Finding Nemo' – except no Nemo.

Carolyne finally wrote something to post:
Yesterday, something wonderful happened. We were coming into an anchorage, when we heard the soft squeals of children. That's when a dinghy carrying several small children as passengers, and a grown man as driver sped past. A few minutes later, after we had the anchor down, the same man came over, now with a grown woman and a teenage girl. They introduced themselves as Courage(Man), Sharron(Woman), & Cassidy(Girl). After a little chatting, they went back to their boat, and we went to explore the beach. I have taken my surfboard so I had my own little source of transportation. I swam out to their boat, and talked with Cassidy for a while, and then we both went over to the beach were we chatted more. Turns out, Cassidy and I have a lot in common, which works out well.

Cassidy has 5 other younger siblings, who are all very sweet. After a whole day of hanging out, we both went home for dinner. Then, their family invited me over for a movie, and I eagerly agreed. I must admit, I am entirely jealous of their boat. Its HUGE. Its practically a mansion with sails! Its also very "homey". All of the younger children (I have yet to remember all their names) gave me the grand tour of the boat, and showered me with hugs. I don't think I have ever met such adorably friendly children!

I have thoroughly enjoyed myself with this family, and I hope to meet many other boat kids like them!

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