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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hakahau, Ua Poa & Nuku Hiva Day 20 & 21

Carolyne during passage
Bushy and tired

Generator with broken pulley yanker

Leaving Mexico
Finally – some photos - and finally, some internet!!

Hotspur has a large, wide deck. Many responses from those people who come aboard the first time is, “Look at this dance floor!” or “It's a ballroom!” The Tartan TOCK does feel very roomy and I had no problem getting our jib on deck and sewing the UV Sunbrella panel on... as well as restitching (4) seams I opened and then reduced to hopefully get rid of that awful flutter at the head (adjusting the puckerstring didn't work). But it was a 2-day job and my back was killing me from sewing on a flat plane, using my thigh to press the foot pedal, hunched over for hours on end. (Nothing a little Cat-Cow won't cure!)
Doug off sv Anitra with his pamplemousse

Carolyne sitting in the ancient groom's seat where the men awaited
their tattoos at the ruin site at Hiva Oa

Jean, our Marquesan tour guide

Standing among the ancient ruins

Our Read's Sailmaker machine works beautifully with the inverter. It doesn't have a walking foot, which is a bummer, but I easily sewed through several layers of Sunbrella. I also had to do some hand work at the clew. Sadly, I thought our UV cover on the headsail was in better shape before we left – and it probably was. The 23 day trip across really took a toll on the material. I just hope it will last another year. I used the last of the blue Sunbrella I had on board to replace that panel.
A fading petroglyph in Atuona

Incredible view

Jim capturing the Smiling Tiki
Tappa cloth

Rosewood Christ

Atuona, Hiva Oa 

During the night a French boat next to us chafed through their stern anchor line. Luckily, they didn't hit us – we were anchored fairly close to one another. I'm sure they woke up wondering why the were rolling about in the incoming swell. Smartly, they have 2 extra stern anchors on board and were able to move and re-anchor. As we left the bay, Bernard was diving in the cloudy water- trying to recover the stern anchor that broke free. Very important in French Polynesia to have back-up anchors!
During passage after a squall

Land Ho!

Smiling Tiki up close

That would be me - covered head to toe
We headed to the island of Nuku Hiva on a lovely beam reach. Everyone, even Jim who never gets sea sick, felt “off”... large 8' swells every 8 seconds on the starboard side... but the sailing was lovely all the same. And we tested my jib adjustments... Success! – No more flutter! There was nothing more irritating than the thought that I might have to do that again.

Beautiful Island Girl!


Pamplemousse and Banana

Island of Ua Pou

Sail repairs - covered head to toe

Our farewell Mexico photo


  1. Is a pull yanker a technical term? ;) Love the photos, looks like you guys are having a blast. I've been enjoying reading about your adventures.

    1. ;) I think that if Pulley Yanker isn't a technical term that it should be made one!! Glad you are enjoying our adventures...
      and mis-adventures!!

  2. I miss you guys! Looks like you are having a blast.

  3. Zoe - I just found this. Boy, do we miss you and your brother! Hope to see you in the future!