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Saturday, May 14, 2011

April Cruising Expenses for Three Years

For the month of April, we stayed in a marina most of  the month, paid for fuel, bought parts, had the engine aligned, bought a used storm sail and had fore-stay built to handle the storm sail. Can you say BROKE THE BUDGET????

We found out that Marina La Cruz takes credit cards and charges them in US dollars, so no ridiculous "out of country" fees... which I refuse to pay to the blood sucking credit card company. We carry a credit card solely for the purpose of NOT carrying large amounts of cash. If you're thinking about cruising in the future, you might consider taking credit cards that don't charge international fees to use them AND that you can use in the foreign ATM's.

Speaking of cash and ATMs, due to our trans-exit time falling during Semana Santa (the Easter week preceding Easter), cash machines were limiting the amount of cash you could pull out daily from the ATMs. Thus, the credit card came in real handy. Next month when we pay it you shall see the cruising kitty damage that we incurred. It's not pretty... but neither is this month.

Keep in mind when you are looking at the  2009 numbers that we began calculating our expenses after provisioning and outfitting the boat fully for a year long cruise. Our boat was a 35' Cal Cruiser. In 2009, we spent $16,761.25USD, including a haul in/out, bottom paint job, new Engle freezer, and three road trips to the USA. To get a full overview of the year, you can go to:

For 2010, we sold our 35' Cal and bought a 41' Tartan TOCK in Mazatlan... 'fixer upper' is a mild way of putting it. We bought it for a good price, but spent 5 months in a marina repairing her. So, our numbers for 2010 are a bit whacked. But it goes to show you what buying a boat and outfitting it for cruising can cost you. Keep in mind that we're cheap.

In 2010, our expenses ran $41,943.02USD. (This number does not include the purchase of HOTSPUR or the sale of WINDFALL) Our rebuild cost alone was $10,341.20USD. Boat equipment was $8,131.31. And, we were living aboard her for the entire time. Had we not had the equipment costs and the re-build costs, our year-end for 2010 aboard the bigger boat HOTSPUR would have been substantially less: $23,470.51. To see a full overview of 2010 expenses, go to:


2009 - USD20102011

Groceries            $379.56  $683.7$566.53
Boat Hardware       $18.49$190.49$20.08
Transportation          $177$49.51$47.28
Dining Out/Tips     $76.76$213.28$123.58
Internet/Skype          $35$10$43.86
Tourism                $30.77
Laundry                      $22$22.14$60.35
Mail                            $40
Clothing              $101.22$84.47
Extra Tips                        $25$15
Marina/Mooring    $125.52$1,367.24
Education                  $13$43.86
Insurance/Tax          $150$195$195
Computer Hosting         $49.95
Booze                              99.34$188.33
Medical                   $3.20 $28.43$224.74
Boat Repair                      $1,583.18$740.35
Gifts                              $30.57$57.01
Dinghy Dock                  
Boat Fuel                      $382.79
Propane                          $15
Boat Equipment    $811.85$24.59$550
Fabric/Crafts                     $40$11.40
MISC                              $168.87$18.93

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