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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Little Things in Life

What to talk about...
What to talk about...
What to talk about when you're NOT cruising...

Jim is better. His case of hives finally tamed and then disappeared. Unfortunately, he wore the back scratcher down to a fine point. Now we'll have to "stab" our future backside itches away. His surgery is slated for the end of the month. I had a funny blog post written up about his cyst, but I asked him to read it before I posted it and he nixed it. When I asked him why he said he didn't "like me making fun of him." Now he tells me.

The kids are doing school work. They are always eating. It could be a sign of growth. Could be.

And Marina Mazatlan now has a new full size grocery store just a stone's throw away from our dock. It's not as big as Mega or Sorianas, but it is so wonderfully convenient that we won't have to go further than our own back yard unless we need to provision for a trip... which is nothing more than a fuzzy dream at this point.  And even then, to go anywhere else for provisioning would be just to save a few pennies, as I think the new market is just a squidgen more than say- Sorianas. It is a convenient jaunt also from the Fonatur-Singlar Marina, too.

Santa Fe is the name of the chain. Fresh produce, dairy, meat, dry goods, beer & wine, and even a bakery are available to its patrons. This may not seem like such a big deal to anyone who has never caught the bus every other day to the large grocery store, hauling loads of food back on the bus for children to wait home with their mouths wide open, and then STILL forgetting at least one ingredient needed for dinner that night... but to me this is heaven. I can even send the kids. And our refrigerator doesn't have to be busting at the seams all the time either. There is absolutely no need to buy what we won't eat in the next two days.

Lori perusing the frozen food section.
Wow, I really came up with something to talk about. And it wasn't that hard. So, is it that I'm an optimist (make lemonade, cup half full, peddling Panglossian poop) or is it just that I am easily amused (simply a simpleton)? Because I'd like to believe that I am complex, we'll just stick with:
d. all of the above.


  1. I loved the Santa Fe store in Guaymas--It was conveniently close as well. Such a novelty... Without a motor we're about a 3-day row from the store now;)