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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jim's Condition and Change of Plans

I would love to tell you that we're sailing Mexico, discovering new and uncharted islands... but we're not. We're still in Mazatlan. Looks like we may stay here for quite some while.

Jim has a wicked case of hives, probably from the antibiotic he was taking. He's so uncomfortable that he's going to wear the back scratcher out. And we're not going anywhere anytime soon because Jim will need minor surgery. I repeat... minor. Out-patient. Not serious. To remove a cyst. So,... if you thought "Man Cold" was bad? Don't know about "Man Cold"? If you haven't seen it, you must. Here's the You Tube Link:

It was not our intention to spend the summer in Mazatlan, but it looks like we may take advantage of Marina Mazatlan's 24 cent per foot per month rate for the duration. Maybe we can rent a house inland for the months of August and September. Guanajuato is appealing to me. Getting the kids enrolled in language school is a priority. Gotta run - we're headed to the marina today.


  1. Wishing Jim a speedy recovery of it all! Mazatlan is not such a bad place too :). Enjoy it all. Missing you. xoxo -Barb

  2. Guanajuato.... San Miguel Allende, both are very appealing. This hold up could turn into the best silver lining for all of you. A great feature of San Miguel is its huge library with the largest collection of English language books in Mexico and a room devoted entirely to books about Mexico......We're, of course, still asking why Jim couldn't have fallen ill while you were still in La Cruz so we could hang out together. Hope you had a feliz dia de las madres.