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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Arizona Photos

The Lake Havasu weather has been spectacular - cool in the morning and dry heat in the afternoon. Beats the heck out of Mazatlan in the summertime.
The neighborhood cat-eating coyote turned and ran as soon as I took the camera out.

Here I am surrounded by Hams

Reiner Schick - fellow Ham and sailor

Dad at The London Bridge - this one didn't fall down, but was moved here stone by stone.

A break from the cruising life is wonderful to me. I am really enjoying my time with Dad. He's spoiled us rotten - taken us to lunch on numerous occasions. And for my birthday yesterday he took us all to Laughlin, NV to play slot machines and eat. Shopping, too.
Our friend, Gwen. She took me to The Refuge for a girl's night out.

Dick helping us check out our refurbished Icom 710 Marine and Ham radio.

Me sitting in front of London Bridge in my new $3 hat I bought at JC Penney's SALE! 
Run for it is right! This Stinkster was making haste on the beach.
Lake Havasu is really beautiful this time of year. Dad and I take walks every morning at the lake.
A kayaking paradise

Mexican Bird of Paradise


  1. Having lived near Havasu for quite some time, and hearing you say it's better than Mazatlan, I have just decided I never want to go to Mazatlan! AZ was way too hot for me. I intend to chase 70° up and down the East Coast!

    Thanks for the lovely blog.

    S/V Kintala

  2. Deb, I was told by so many that I was crazy to go to Havasu in September. But, they have no clue what Mazatlan is like in July, August and September. Imagine an overgrown athlete's sweaty armpit... it's that kind of hot and humid! But imagine the discounts and great deals??? Luckily, the rest of the year is paradise!