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Monday, September 19, 2011


As a cruiser, life is fairly spontaneous - only some things can be planned. Weather is the biggest factor. You have no control over the weather. But another factor is planning a trip to visit relatives in the USA and placing orders for ALL the stuff you think you need to bring back with you. In our case: schoolbooks, SSB/HAM radio, antennas, outboard motor parts, cables, wires, boat doodads and this/that/&theother. This makes it hard on family and friends that want to see you when you are in the states, but have to schedule or plan their visits around your schedule - which is loosely knitted at best.

We haven't seen Jeff in a few years. He is my family by marriage-and-divorce in a strange and most dysfunctional way, but he could be my son. He fits in like he belongs with us. I just love this kid. (You know you're old when you refer to a 27 year old as a kid.)

Jeff is Tim's much older 1/2 brother. Carolyne's, too, since they claim each other. It's a long story and very confusing, but it has a happy ending. He works and lives in Montana and at very short notice he flew to Las Vegas and drove down to Havasu in a rental car. Dad set Tim and Jeff up in his motorhome next to the house so they would have late nights to catch up and goof off.

Now that there's Facebook, I don't have to be the go-between anymore with the 2 boys. They have their own relationship established together and can carry on without me. But being a part of Jeff's life is so rewarding. He is a fantastic human being and I just love him dearly. I know that his visit meant the world to both my kids. Jeff, if you read this you don't have any idea how much it means that you made such an effort to come be with us.

In a few days the kids and I will head to Colorado and visit Kendra, Tim's 1/2 sister... and Carolyne's, too, since they claim each other.

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