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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You Can't Get It Any Fresher

Vegetarians Beware!

Many cruisers prefer to buy their meat frozen in Mexico. The best meat at the best prices, however, we have found at the butchers. Fresh! Above, our butcher slices an order of arrachara for us. He'll marinate it in garlic salt and fresh orange juice. It's tender beef and can be used in tacos, stir fry and stroganoff. The cost? $4 per lb. We also got beef tenderloin. Cost? $6 per lb.

Walking down the stalls of beef shanks, pigs heads and quartered cows is an adventure for any Westerner who is used to the tidy, clean, over-sanitized, shrink wrapped packages in the groceries back home where the butchers are hidden in the back and dressed like doctors - masks and all. I have come to adore the trip to the bacon man and the steak boys in Mazatlan. I don't even blink anymore when I pass a head displayed on a counter top. Maybe I've just learned how to overlook it. Not Carolyne. All of the photos on this page are hers. Again, these photos are not for pansies.

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