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Monday, September 5, 2011

Morning in Mazatlan

Finally got the gumption to head downtown for the morning and early afternoon. Mazatlan is so full of life from every angle. Vibrant colors and music everywhere. Here's a snippet of the day.
Getting "licuados" - an icy fruit drink

Soup Girl

"Nanchis" - a fruit none of us like. Beautiful to look at; taste like dirty socks.

20 peso soup ($1.50US).  Serve with a plate of rice and homemade corn tortillas.
"They know how to make chicken soup in Mexico , Mom. They leave the skin on." Words from an 11 year old with no hips.

Fruit stands - everywhere.

Classic Mexican shade.

The people

I know - it's a pigeon. And thank you - the light is on the wrong side of the bird. But, Husband, it is still a cool pic.

Shopping at the Mercado is so much more fun than the grocery stores.

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