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Friday, April 15, 2011

SOLD!!!!!!! - 35' CAL Cruiser Cruising Model

Windfall sailing beside us in Banderas Bay, MX last month
 Windfall was our first blue water cruiser and we loved cruising around Mexico on her. When our children became too big, we upgraded to a larger boat with more privacy for our family of four. The new owners of Windfall were temporary cruisers (one year only) and have also enjoyed sailing her around Mexico tremendously. They are now looking to do more inland travel. Although they are still cruising on her at present, they want her to go to a good home before they begin their new adventures in the mountains in Guatemala. So, our old Cal 35' is for sale through La Paz Yachts.

Waving our hellos to the current owners from the sweet sugar scoop
 Besides the great price, the main features that make this CAL Cruiser so attractive are:
  • 120 gallon water tankage
  • 112 diesel tankage
  • Modern sugar scoop/swim step aft that is a PLUS when swimming or fishing or getting your groceries on the boat... you name it! And, it adds 3' of waterline... SWEET!
  • The owners have this boat looking beautiful. It is clean, well maintained, and the bright work is gorgeous.
  • She is cruising now, so you know she is sea-worthy.
To get the broker info at La Paz Yachts, her listing is:

In addition, I also have a page that I made up last year with different photos of the boat. If you'd like to take a looksie click here:


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  3. Any insight you can provide would be much appreciated. I am looking at buying a Cal Crusing 35 for coastal and bluewater sailing. The boat looks comfortable and I am wondering how well it really sails. Also, would you be comfortable sailing your family around the world on this boat?

  4. Hi Doug -

    We loved our Cal Cruising - she sailed beautifully and yes, we would have been comfortable sailing that boat around the world. Email us at meriev at yahoo dot com and we'd be happy to answer any questions.

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