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Sunday, April 17, 2011

March Cruising Comparison 2009, 2010 & 2011

March 2011 found us back in La Cruz on the 5th and back in a marina. Jim felt we had engine alignment problems. An inspection determined that he was right, though the expense isn't shown until April when it is paid. Also, Jim had Rob with Sea Tek check the rigging. Because we have no idea how old it is or if it was ever serviced, this was very important to us. Rigging looked good and so went ahead with tuning, too. The cost: $260.86 USD.

Friends are departing this month for the Marquesas. Lots of pot lucks, eating out, cocktails in the cockpit, lots of laughter... ching-ching! TOURISM is the cost of surfing - lessons and rentals. My trip solo to Guanajuato is under MISC at $217 USD. We purchased a heavy, never-been-used-before sea anchor for $700 USD (and yes, that's cheap!). Oh, and just a fraction of our marina bill has been charged so far. GAG! And what are the Christmas gifts to family doing on this month's credit card bill???? Well, there they are. Nope, it's not wrong.

Last year, the biggie expense was paying for more engine re-build; it's under 2010 MISC. And though our DINING OUT line is substantially less in 2010 than this year for the month of March, look at the GROCERIES and compare.

We need to get on the stick and get out of here and to a free anchorage before we have to send our kids into downtown with plastic cups rattling change and singing show tunes. Tim better get his fishing gear ready, too. Dining out on the hook with a hook is going to be the only fresh cuisine we're going to see for a while. I just have to keep telling myself that it is the ANNUAL cost that is most important... not so much the monthly cost. We really do need to get out of the marina... FAST!


2009 -$1,316.82     
2010 - $5,407.98  USD                                2011 - $3,144.92 USD                          
Groceries                970.241105.31446.34
Boat Hardware        144.4759.168.70
Transportation           18.2061.0553.21
Dining Out/Tips         76.60165.73393.22
Internet/Skype      8.0643.47
Tourism                279.99
Laundry                  207.2663.65
Clothing              17.7467.82
Extra Tips                     311.2915
Marina/Mooring     753.49166
Computer Hosting          141.2673.47
Medical                         29.6519.8462.61
Boat Repair                 101.55267.83
Gifts                               24.11115
Dinghy Dock 
Boat Fuel                    44  82.61
Propane                      10.66     
Boat Equipment            177.41700


  1. Thank you for your expense posting. We finally found our retirement boat, a Tartan 42, and we're leaving next Spring so your figures are of particular interest to us.

    S/V ??? (No name yet)

  2. Thanks for your comment, Deb. We posted our expenses because we found it so hard to find the information ourselves when we began cruising in 2008. As you can see, our numbers are all over the board. It changes depending on where you are and what is going on and if you have boat projects to do. And keep in mind, we have two kids... one is an almost 16 year old teen that eats... a LOT!!! Good luck on your boat name. We just love our Tartan. Keep us posted!