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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Alchemist and the Eternal Boat Project

The engine has been aligned, thanks to our Aussie friend Stewart. Now, I am trying to hurry with the teak re-conditioning project that I started so that we can head north and get to Escondido before Loretofest at the end of the month. I am using a recipe that I got from my long-time and good friend cruiser Jo on Blue Moon. It is an old product that is no longer manufactured called DEKSOLE. It is a 2-part mixture that requires Penetrol in both parts. Wouldn't you know, I ran out of Penetrol.

Jo told me that I could find it easily.
I didn't.
I called on the morning Net for assistance.
There was none.

So, I asked a local guy who works in the marina if he knew where I might find it. He suggested Performance Boats in Marina Puerto Vallarta. I know the place and was thrilled to have a lead since Jim ran all over the area yesterday and came up empty handed and not real happy. I told Jim my plan and he shook his head.
"I think you're wasting your time."

Being one with "cup half full" attitude, I schlepped to the bus stop and made it to Performance Boats within an hour... only Performance Boats had closed its doors - permanently - like no longer in business. I could hear my husband now. Quickly, I headed across the street to Zaragozas (PV's stick-it-to-you-in-the-pocketbook-but-aren't-you-glad-we-have it-chandlery) and discovered that I would have paid just about anything... if they had just had what I was looking for. Sherwin Williams next door looked at me like I had a third eyeball when I asked for Penetrol. It was looking bleak.

Not one to enjoy hearing my husband say, "I told ya so", I began walking north. I stopped at every tienda that looked remotely like they might carry a paint product. Dupont, Comex, Sayer-something-or-another... I passed the airport. No one can help me. I'm almost at the road that turns to the central bus station. I've walked really far. I see a lumber yard and venture through the gate.

The lady in the office had a product on the shelf that had Penetrol in it. I was so excited! I told her (in Spanish) that I needed the ingredient, not the mixture. She made a couple of phone calls and then told me that no one answered the phone, but that 2 blocks south and 6 blocks east that I would find a little store called Products and Services for Wood. They might have it.

On the way, I ask a couple people I see walking if I'm headed the right direction. No one knows of the store I mention. I keep walking. It looks residential with a few stores interspersed, but I see a small sign at the very end of the street. I arrived at Products and Services for Wood and would you believe... there on the shelf sat the last gallon of Penetrol in all of Puerto Vallarta!

This is what it is like many times to do a boat project in Mexico as a cruiser. 

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