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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Michael and his dreaded microphone
 I don't know what Michael was BEFORE he went cruising, but Bruce Springstein... watch out! The man is responsible for the best and worst Karaoke night I have ever had the pleasure of participating in... and Born in the USA is forever scratched... deeply... within the confine of my brain.

Group Song: Barb, Andrea, Diane, Kara, Maia, Carolyne, Abby, Tammy, Harrison and Danielle

Jo belting out a Marley tune
Some cruisers have guitars, I met one with a mandolin, and a few have the tiny harmonica which makes perfect sense aboard a boat. The crew of Whatcha Gonna Do have none of those; instead they have a karaoke machine. Upon contacting the marina staff, they arranged for a projector and screen to be set up in the Sky Bar area of the marina. Kids from various boats showed up and the talent began.

Evan swears he fell off the furniture because the cushion placement was wrong. Who cares... the margarita was saved.
 Jim and I had dinner on Ceilydh that evening and Jim mixed a mean margarita before the talent show started. I opted to skip the margarita... it smelled dangerous. Good thing.

Michael, Barb and Tammy

Tammy Gettin' Down
 An occasional solo was squeezed in when the kids could get the mic away from the adults, but for the most part they sang songs in groups. Carolyne had a blast! This was her first ever karaoke and she now wants a machine for her birthday.

We Will Rock You
photo by Barb on Whatcha Gonna Do

Sweet Carolyne
photo by Barb on Whatcha Gonna Do
 Tim showed up in the beginning. He sat in the dark in the back and I didn't realize that he had sneaked away until mid-way through the evening. Whether it was because there was no food or whether he was horrified at the scene (or perhaps the singing was so awful he couldn't hack it anymore), Tim made a personal choice not to participate. That's okay... Tim has been having fun on his own. I'll do a special blog post on Tim tomorrow.

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