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Friday, April 22, 2011

Burning Rubber to get to Escondido... in a bad way

No wind.
No fish.
No nothing.

Oh, except that on our wobbly motor boat ride back north we smelled burning rubber. Some belt that is shredding apart, no doubt.
So, we pulled into Mazatlan's Old Harbor this afternoon about noon. Our intention is to let the engine cool off and then check for the trouble maker. We have plenty of spare belts aboard. Of course, we have other intentions, too.
Third Day is here.
So is Eyoni.
What are we going to do tonight? Can you say POT LUCK?
Unfortunately for us, Rich and Amy are off doing boat show things back in the states. So, we'll just have to lure them back with fun blog posts and photos of friends and food. Would work too, if it weren't Semana Santa... Easter weekend... the busiest weekend in Mexico... ever. Guess the two of them will have to live vicariously through our blog posts.

I've emailed Escondido to see if I can set our arrival date two days late... the 27th... while we try and sort out the burning part. Fingers crossed!

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