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Friday, April 29, 2011

Cabin Fever and a Chef is Born

Homemade Cream Puffs
Note: Just because you're cruising doesn't mean you have to eat out of a can or that you have to pay an arm and a leg. Period.

Since Jim has been given strict instructions not to over do it, including walking, he has taken up the art of cooking. And I can't say that I'm unhappy about it. I'm thrilled!

Tuesday night he took his cabin-fever-anxiety out on a simple white fish wrapped in bacon... drizzled with a mayo-lime sauce... and accompanied by tender fresh asparagus. It was heavenly. Cost: $6USD to feed four and we had left-overs.

Zada and Carolyne making puffy messes!
Wednesday, we saw Steak Diane (fresh beef tenderloin in a rich cream pepper sauce) and salad. I purchased the loin fresh from the Mazatlan Mercado. The butcher, surrounded by pig heads and cow eyeballs, carefully cut away the fat and silver skin (the shiny membrane) before my very eyes. The price? I paid about $14USD for 2 lbs. We only used 2/3 of the meat for dinner.

Choco Monster

Zada having culinary fun!
Thursday I cooked... to give Capt. Julia Child a break. Fajitas... not exciting, but the meat was purchased fresh and marinated at the Mercado... tender as my heart, if I do say so myself. The marinade consisted of garlic salt, Worcestershire sauce and fresh squeezed orange juice. Cost: $7USD for 2lbs. We only cooked up 2/3 of the meat. The rest we stored in our Engel freezer.

Jim's French Onion Soup
Tonight... French Onion Soup was on the menu and Jim babied the concoction for hours. Not exactly a propane sensitive meal, but his choice of Gouda cheese on top (since we couldn't find Gruyere) and toasted bolillos was fabulous.

My personal big tad-dahs this week: I made Cheese Blintzes for breakfast... I didn't know what else to do with the Mexican requeson cheese I bought... thought it was something else. Since lasagna wasn't on the menu for this week, figured I'd better try something new. It is very similar to Ricotta.

Better yet... Carolyne invited Zada from Eyoni over and the two made Cream Puffs. The recipe was an exchange from Laura on Just A Minute and the proof of its deliciousness is not in the pudding... it's on my waistline! We tweak Laura's recipe a tad and add chocolate pudding in the middle. Divine!

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