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Thursday, April 14, 2011

February 2011 Cruising Expenses

I have put this off for so long that it just hurts worse. After I added everything up it doesn't seem so bad... really. We spent quite a bit of time in the La Cruz Marina. It is so much easier for the kids to get on and off the boat. I don't worry about being stranded without a dinghy to get me places. There are so many kids bouncing around that our kids are thrilled. Then, we went to Barra de Navidad and participated in the Carnival, did a road trip to Colima and went to the water park. It was so much fun! And we ate and drank like we had money coming out the wazoo... which we don't. I lumped all our "excursions" under TOURISM. That includes rental car and bus tickets and food and museums and toll roads and carny rides and etc...

When looking at these figures, keep this in mind:
BOAT REPAIR in 2009 was a haul out and bottom paint job in La Paz.
Also remember that we upgraded to a bigger boat in February 2010. The high expense under MISC is a partial new engine re-build in Mazatlan.

This February this year we spent some money having the SSB and VHF serviced and adding a new antenna. The chandlery in Puerto Vallarta is ridiculously expensive, but we paid it anyhow. And look at that DINING OUT line... I think it includes a couple nights of 70 peso each margaritas... which didn't get subtracted out and added to the BOOZE line because then I'd know how much we really drank. I don't want to know.


2009 -$2,488.24     
2010 - $5,407.98  USD                                2011 - $2,174.15  USD                          
Groceries           555.98615.20352.69
Boat Hardware    89.4669.9548
Transportation      10.3648.2531.74
Dining Out            47.71113.41256.04
Internet/Skype      1014
Tourism                82.86247.94
Laundry                  8.5742.8624.43
Clothing              13.48
Extra Tips                     37.9420
Fishing/Snorkel            13.95
Marina/Mooring     367.50 421.86
Computer Hosting          151.19 18.87 238.80
Medical                         92.71
Boat Repair                 1102.14238.1025
Gifts                                30128.17
Dinghy Dock 
Boat Fuel                      108.57 75
Propane                             8.57
Boat Equipment            183.17789.98 312.78
MISC2854.74 25

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